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30 August 2009 @ 10:56 pm
How could you be so heartless?  
This weekend was pretty nice. :)

On Friday I went to the big game in Logan. In the car we had Sean, Johnny, Sam, Taylor B, and myself. The ride there was pretty sweet.
I saw everyone I haven't seen in forever. Jon, Daysha, Trent, Max, Tim W, Nicole, Haley, Taby, and Steph. I swear I was destined to be there so I could see all my amazing friends that I hadn't seen on ages. Then after the game James came over and Sean and Il fell asleep in the living room. Ha! When I woke up James was right in my face. It scared the shit out of me but he woke me up to say goodbye.

On Saturday Sean and I went to his aunt Tema's place where I played with Hayli and met a new friend, Joey. Who is Sean's uncle person thing who is a roomate of Tema's. We cooked six packages of ramen noodles and ate them all. And we watched a bunch of good movies. The Mod Squad, Never Back Down, The Craft, and Rent. I cried my eyes out during Rent. It was the first time I'd ever seen it and now I'm in love with it. Joey is a pretty nice guy I was glad to meet him since I'd heard so much about him from Sean.

Today Sean and I were pretty much lazy and laid I'm bed all day. We went out for ice cream and cleaned out his car. When it came time to say our goodbyes I didn't want to let go. I never do. Even though there is only five days between each weekend we spend together I still miss him already. When he left I lounged around the house and had an awesomely amazing conversation with Joey via text message. He is a nice guy and I think he'll be a great friend to me. He told me if I ever needed anything day or night all I had to do was call or text and he'd be there. He's a pretty cool guy and a great dad and I'm very glad to have met him. :)

Oh and due to that fucking football game I got my lovely sinuses all sorts of fucked up. :(

But it was still great.
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